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Go! International

Es una serie de seis niveles de primaria que se puede utilizar de manera impresa, mixta o 100% digital, y lleva a los alumnos a un nivel A2 del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia (MCER). Go! International presenta un enfoque ecléctico que toma lo mejor de los últimos desarrollos en la metodología de la enseñanza… Continue reading Go! International


Transformation of data into pedagogical actions Workshops and training courses based on classroom needs and practices The academic coaching process is carried out as follows: Planning and assessment sessions Synchronous virtual sessions (individual and group) Virtual training courses for teachers Webinars

Follow-up on the action plan

Course and assessment planning Program and curricular adjustments Learning analytics report Accompaniments to class Progress in professional development Application of standardized tests and analysis of results

Professional development

A professional development plan is established with the following components: Methodology for the teaching of English as a foreign language Systematic assessment (formative and summative) Educational technology Evidence of learning (learning analytics) using tools on the Richmond Learning Platform and myON.

Strategic action plan

Specific areas of work are determined. For example: methodology, curriculum, teaching accompaniment, etc. An annual Richmond Solution implementation plan is established at the school.

Digital content and tools

Trackable e-Student’s BookThis has fully interactive class content with trackable activities and one-click access to audio, video, and animations. Trackable e-WorkbookThis has color content with fully interactive practice and feedback. It is ideal for homework. Teacher’s i-Solutions Richmond Solution content is designed to support the teacher in a 100% digital or blended model. This is… Continue reading Digital content and tools

Institutional diagnosis

The characteristics, expectations and needs of the school are analyzed and determined. A diagnostic assessment of the students’ level is performed.

Academic consulting and coaching

Richmond Solution’s methodological proposal places the student at the center of the teaching-learning process. They can achieve maximum participation in and out of the classroom. One of the main objectives is the development of 21st-century skills. These skills are necessary for the student to apply what they have learned on the program. Our academic consulting… Continue reading Academic consulting and coaching

Learning analytics

Richmond Solution presents different ways of analyzing and interpreting data to inform pedagogical decisions. This improves student learning over a given academic period. Comparative reports can be obtained from the different digital environments at the beginning and end of a year, or for several years. With Richmond Learning Platform analytics, the teacher can obtain data… Continue reading Learning analytics

International certification

Those schools interested can also access an international certification through one of our partners.