Richmond Learning Platform

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April 13, 2021


Trackable e-Student’s Book
This has fully interactive class content with trackable activities and one-click access to audio, video, and animations.

Trackable e-Workbook
This has color content with fully interactive practice and feedback. It is ideal for homework.

Teacher’s i-Solutions

Richmond Solution content is designed to support the teacher in a 100% digital or blended model. This is why Richmond Solution has designed a teaching component called Teacher’s i-Solutions. The teacher’s i-book allows access to all class content and its fully interactive teaching and learning materials. Materials are organized into step-by-step lesson plans and in the form of learning paths.

Each lesson on the course is presented in the form of a learning path so that the teaching sequence to follow is clear at a glance. This path includes access to all course teaching and learning materials, as well as to additional interactive resources.

These activities are color-coded to identify which is MANDATORY material and which is OPTIONAL.

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