Richmond Learning Platform

Learning analytics


April 13, 2021


Richmond Solution presents different ways of analyzing and interpreting data to inform pedagogical decisions. This improves student learning over a given academic period. Comparative reports can be obtained from the different digital environments at the beginning and end of a year, or for several years.

With Richmond Learning Platform analytics, the teacher can obtain data and results for each student’s language-skill performance as well as for the whole class. Results are represented in percentage and graph format

Some of the most important analytics generated by the Richmond Learning Platform are from the CEFR-based diagnostic and exit tests. These show the student’s individual progress in their acquisition of the English language as well as the class average.

Progress index
Richmond Solution offers year-by-year data comparison for up to three years by creating an index that measures the fulfillment of each school’s goals and the students’ progress. This index allows you to measure how well the following elements of Richmond Solution are being exploited:

  • Richmond Learning Platform
  • Richmond Test Manager
  • Teaching practice
  • Reading Program

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