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Education Group Santillana expands partnership with ADLS


Santillana will now offer Advantages’ High School Dual Diploma, CTE, and other programs for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking learners across Latin America

Madrid, Spain / September 28, 2021

The Advantages Digital Learning Dual Diploma program allows students to work toward a U.S. high school diploma while studying curriculum subjects in their own countries. The program also helps students increase their mastery of English and demonstrate academic excellence on U.S. university applications, thus increasing their chances of acceptance to U.S. colleges and universities. Additionally, ADLS CTE courses allow students to identify potential careers, and earn supplemental credit on their path toward graduation.

Santillana first partnered with ADLS in 2020 to offer the Dual Diploma program to Brazilian customers through Richmond.

Chris West, head of the languages division of the Santillana group, commented: “The pandemic has accelerated changes in private education across Latin America. Schools want a complete educational solution, including evaluation, certification, teacher training and the active involvement of parents, as well as the provision of educational content. This association with ADLS enables Santillana to enrich our Educational Systems that enable leading private schools to provide local solutions that meet all the expectations of the most demanding parents.”

“With companies throughout Latin America, Santillana’s reach spans 21 countries and more than 20 million private school students,” said Pam Dion, CEO and founder of ADLS. “The expansion of this partnership not only helps provide students with access to a high-quality, personalized learning experience designed to prepare them for success, but it effectively positions the ADLS program as the preferred US and Dual Diploma option across Latin America.”

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