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Educational Technology: progress, challenges and trends for 2022


December 09, 2021

  • Education
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  • technology in education

Educative technology

Educational technology: progress and challenges.

The incorporation of technology in education has been a process that has gone far beyond the use of technological tools that make up the educational environment. There is talk of a didactic construction and the way in which significant learning can be built and consolidated. 

The transformation that technology has undergone has led it to become an instrument capable of improving the educational quality of the student, revolutionizing the way in which information is obtained, handled and interpreted. Today's students use technological tools to facilitate their learning. This evolution arose from the use of the calculator, the television, the recorder, among others. However, progress has been such that technological resources have become educational resources, where the search to improve learning has brought with it the task of involving technology with education and it is with teaching that it complements the teaching-teaching process. learning.

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Technology means breaking with traditional media and giving way to the teaching function, based on the need to train and update their methods based on current requirements, this is where the challenges arise.

Education as a relevant aspect in the life of the human being has developed a new learning environment where the student is able to become the protagonist of his own learning, where time and flexibility are playing an important role in an education that each once again, it is virtualized and where the virtual has become a revolution and where new technologies converge to propose new educational and pedagogical paradigms.

Educative technology

To overcome this challenge, the work of teachers is essential, who now are not only dedicated to teaching, they must also take on the role of a student to learn to incorporate technology in the classroom, take the "leap" and "break" with schemes support the implementation of active methodologies so that students develop the cognitive skills that allow them to develop in a world of constant change.

Educational technology goes hand in hand with concepts such as flexibility and effectiveness, which combined have managed to implement a mixed model, where the educational environment can be developed in a traditional or digital classroom, evidencing learning in each space, creating both in the student, as in the teacher, significant experiences that form people not only capable of acquiring knowledge, but also of generating it.

What's coming for 2022?

Throughout this blog we have talked about the progress of technology in education, it is inevitable to think about the changes that will come for the following year, a year in which thousands of schools will already have applied the mixed model, others will have opted for a model 100% digital, but regardless of the scenario, we are sure that educational technology will be present through the following concepts:

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, these are the areas in which, following the STEAM model, students acquire skills for analysis and problem solving.

•Video content: With e-learning present, there is no better ally for students to enrich learning than content presented on video.

• Learning analytics: It is another concept that will continue to gain strength, let us remember that “what can be measured, can be improved”. The collection, analysis and reporting of data about students and their contexts, in order to better understand the development of each student and optimize their learning.

•Social learning: Present in many pedagogical methodologies, with ideas such as the Flipped Classroom, it seeks to promote educational experiences based on collaboration.

Educative technology

As we can see, there is definitely no turning back: technology has ceased to be an additional resource to become a key factor in the educational process. The present and future of education depends largely on it.

How do you use technology in your classes? What do you think of the topics that will gain strength in the coming year? Do you have any other concept that should appear on this list? 

Leave us your comments, we want to hear from you!

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