Terms of use and privacy policy


In compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares) (“LFPD”), we make this document available to you, to ensure that the processing of personal data that is subject to processing hereunder is legitimate, secure, controlled, and informed, in order to comply with the guiding principles of personal data protection.

This Comprehensive Privacy Notice (the “Privacy Notice”) is directed at any identifiable Data Subject like (XNUMX) natural persons who access and/or use Websites owned by RICHMOND (“Users”); (XNUMX) natural persons who request information and/or hire the services offered by RICHMOND; (XNUMX) any natural person who contacts or has contact with us through the social media managed by RICHMOND and through other communication media made available by RICHMOND.

The Services offered by RICHMOND include services, products, and offers, whether free or paid, consisting in access to different information, content, commercial, editorial and corporate communications, programs, applications, stores, websites, video on demand, or similar things.


PROGRAMAS DE INNOVACIÓN EDUCATIVA, S.A. DE C.V. (“RICHMOND”), with registered address at Avenida Río Mixcoac 274, piso 4, colonia Acacias, alcaldía Benito Juárez, C.P. 03240, in Mexico City, in compliance with the applicable provisions of the LFPD, its Regulations, and other applicable laws, makes this Privacy Notice available to you.


RICHMOND may collect the following data:

  1. Identity and contact information, like your name and phone number.
  2. Property or financial information, like your tax and credit and/or debit card information.
  3. Electronic information, like your email.
  4. Electronic records, like your IP address or web browser.

Data Subjects are responsible for providing true, complete, and accurate Personal Data, and must own and have the right to provide and use such information. Any false, incomplete, or inaccurate information, or information that requires consent from a third party, will be the exclusively responsibility of the Data Subject, who must inform RICHMOND of the rectification of its personal data or third-party consent to provide such information to RICHMOND.


For the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, RICHMOND does not collect or process personal data classified as sensitive by current regulations.


RICHMOND will process your personal data for the following main and necessary purposes (primary purposes):

  1. Management, control, and sending of information requested by our Users and potential users.
  2. Management and control of RICHMOND Users, both natural persons and legal representatives and contacts designated by legal persons.
  3. Creation of new accounts to access the services of RICHMOND, and management of your information for fraud prevention purposes, and for creating passwords for a secure and controlled access to such services.
  4. Collection and billing of the services of RICHMOND.
  5. Management and coordination of order deliveries, as well as processing returns of materials offered on the Websites owned by RICHMOND and managing the history of the Holder's transactions.
  6. Judicial and extrajudicial collection of debts in favor of RICHMOND.
  7. Attention to Users and follow-up of complaints and/or clarifications, as the case may be.
  8. Access control to our facilities, to protect the health and safety of our customers, visitors, collaborators and suppliers.
  9. To comply with judicial or administrative obligations and requirements, including the delivery of information on fraud or identity theft.
  10. Archive of information on sales and guarantees for compliance with applicable legal provisions, including the defense of RICHMOND's interests before judicial or administrative instances.
  11. Data analysis through the use of analytics, artificial intelligence and/or big data technologies, in order to evaluate the use of RICHMOND services and the information we provide on our Websites; provide personalized services for the Owner, manage incidents and the maintenance of the services provided by RICHMOND, as well as to manage, administer, expand and improve the services and/or content offered by RICHMOND and/or correct errors on our Websites.
  12. Statistics and historical record of Users and, where appropriate, of the legal representatives of our Users.

Unless you state your opposition upon providing your Personal Data, RICHMOND may process such Personal Data for the following secondary purposes:

1. Sending advertising and commercial communications or offers of products and services, own or of others, through the means of contact and/or communication that you provided to RICHMOND.

Refusing the use of your personal data for these secondary purposes will not be a reason for RICHMOND to deny the services and products requested or hired by the Data Subject.


RICHMOND does not sell or assign Personal Data, or profit in way from the foregoing, with third parties; however, we may share data with the recipients and for the purposes described below:

  1. To any company that is part of the Corporate Group to which RICHMOND belongs, controlling companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, whether Mexican and/or foreign, for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.
  • To third party service providers to process payments by debit and/or credit card, identify risks of fraud related to the card used by the Data Subject, and make communications in relation to electronic payments.
  • Administrations and federal, state, and/or municipal public authorities; commissions; institutes; regulatory entities; judicial or administrative authorities; and domestic and/or foreign government entities, to comply with information obligations and for the performance of obligations, recognition, exercise, or defense of the rights and interests of RICHMOND, contemplated by applicable law, international treaties, and/or to comply with requests by the latter, including duly founded judicial or administrative requests issued by competent authorities.

The Law establishes that the aforementioned transfers of Personal Data do not require your consent in order to be carried out; any transfer of your Personal Data that does require your consent will be previously informed, through the communication and updating of this Privacy Notice, and prior to such data communication.


The Data Subject may exercise its ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition) and revoke its consent to the processing of its Personal Data at any time by contacting RICHMOND directly at the email privacidadMX@santillana.com. The request in question must include:

  1. Your full name and address, or other means of communicating a response to your request.
  2. Copy of identification (or power of attorney, if someone is exercising the right on your behalf).
  3. A description of the right you want to exercise, and the information related to it and, if applicable.
  4. Any other information you consider important to address your request or locate your personal data.

If you exercise your ARCO rights, our Personal Data Department will respond to you within 20 (twenty) business days following the date on which we receive your request. Any appropriate request will be effective within 15 (fifteen) business days following the date we communicate our response. If for any reason your request is incomplete or contains errors that prevent us from addressing it, we will request that it be corrected, within 10 (ten) business days following the date on which we inform you of this situation. The corrections that are not addressed will result in considering the corresponding request as not submitted, and a new procedure must be initiated. RICHMOND will communicate its response by email, unless the Data Subject indicates that it wishes to receive the response by any other means.

Please note that no right is absolute and, therefore, we may refuse your request. In such cases, we will always indicate the reasons for the refusal and the Data Subject will have the right to complain to the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information, and Protection of Personal Data (Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales) to communicate its complaint.


The Data Subject may revoke the consent, if any, granted in favor of RICHMOND for the processing of its Personal Data. However, it is important to note that will are not able to respond to your request or terminate the use immediately in all cases, since it is possible that due to a legal obligation we may need to continue processing your Personal Data. Likewise, the Data Subject should consider that, for certain purposes, the revocation of its consent will imply that RICHMOND is not able to continue providing the service or the conclusion of its relationship with RICHMOND.

To revoke your consent, you must send a request to the email privacidadMX@santillana.com, which must contain the information described in the ARCO RIGHTS section. The procedure for handling this request will be the same procedure indicated in said section.

You may also limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data by directing the corresponding request to our Personal Data Manager. The requirements to prove your identity, and the procedure to address your request will be the same as those indicated for the exercise of the ARCO RIGHTS.

RICHMOND has the means and procedures to ensure the inclusion of some of its data in its own exclusion lists, when it expressly requests its inclusion in them. In such cases, RICHMOND will provide the Data Subjects who request their registration with the corresponding registration certificate.


The Websites owned by RICHMOND use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies through which it is possible to monitor the Data Subject’s behavior as an Internet user, to provide the Data Subject with a better service and user experience when navigating on the Website, and to offer the Data Subject new materials and services based on its preferences.

Personal data obtained from such tracking technologies are: browsing hours, browsing time on the Website, sections visited, and Internet web pages visited before visiting the Website.

Persona data obtained from the Data Subject through these technologies may be transferred as provided in the TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA section of this privacy notice.

These technologies may be disabled by following these steps: 1. Access the Website, “Cookies settings” section, 2. Click on the “Reject” option to each purpose of the cookies in question, or click on the “Reject all” option. <br>

For more information about the use of these technologies, you can consult the “Cookie Policy” option found on the Website. santillanaconnect.com/Account/CookiesPolicy/.


RICHMOND reserves the right to amend the content of this Privacy Notice at any time. In the event of any amendment to this Privacy Notice, RICHMOND shall communicate it by publishing a visible notice in any part of the Websites owned by RICHMOND, the Data Subject hereby accepts that the communication of the amendments to the Privacy Notice will become effective as from the time RICHMOND publishes them in such Websites. The Data Subject agrees to review from time to time the content of this Privacy Notice on the corresponding Websites.

©Richmond®. Programas de Innovación Educativa, S.A. de C.V., Mexico City. All rights reserved.

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