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Evidence of learning and its importance in the learning process

Verifying that our students are achieving the learning objectives set is not an easy task. However, teachers can find out if their students are in fact learning by gathering “evidence of learning”.
What use do they give to them in your school?

Active methodologies: placing your students at the center of their learning

Teaching which is based on active methodologies is student-centred. In it, learning is regarded as a constructive process and the student as an active agent.

Download your solution, worksheet to start the New Year (Primary).

Educational Technology: progress, challenges, and trends for 2022

Technology has undergone such a transformation that it has becomenan instrument to improve students’ educational quality. It has revolutionized the way information is obtained, managed and interpreted.

Education Group Santillana expands partnership with ADLS

Grupo educativo SANTILLANA amplía su colaboración con ADLS

Santillana will now offer Advantages’ High School Dual Diploma, CTE, and other programs for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking learners across Latin America