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Beyond testing Assessment as the backbone of learning.

Escrito por

Arturo Calderón


mayo 27, 2022


Beyond testing Assessment as the backbone of learning

The Richmond Solution Experience will gather national and international leaders in education like Arturo Calderón López.

Experienced and accomplished educator with over fourteen years of experience looking to provide experienced educational services

in English Language Teaching, especially those related to teacher training and development, and editorial work.

Arturo holds a Bachelor’s in Computing, Delta Module 1 and 2 and Cambridge Proficiency and a Master’s in Educational Management.

He is currently working for Sistemas Educativos de Enseñanza as the ELT Manager.

One of his main passions, aside from the editorial world, is Teacher Training which he does for pre-service and in-service courses, including CELTA, ICELT and Delta.

He is the former Head of Teacher Training and Development for the Anglo.

He has given talks and workshops in national and international conferences and authored ELT books.

Communicative skills in the classroom are a well discussed and necessary entity when it comes to the development of our students‟ language skills.

However, as teachers, we have focused much on the speaking skill by using a great many activities which are found entertaining and useful, but tend to neglect the importance that communicative writing has.

Much has been said about technological advances and our teaching methods; nonetheless, we are still lacking of a better use of this technology.

Few of us have really taken into consideration that writing could be used to communicate and not only to transmit a message.

This paper outlines the importance of communicative writing and the use of technology to improve our students‟ writing skills.

Beyond testing Assessment as the backbone of learning
Beyond testing Assessment as the backbone of learning

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