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Setting Up Dynamic Teaching Platforms (Session 1)

Richmond Solution
mayo 13, 2023

Join us for Session 1 on setting up dynamic teaching platforms. Learn how to create engaging and effective learning environments.

  • Donna Fields
  • Past Webinar
  • Russell Stannard

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A series of three 1.5 hour classes (1/2 of each class creating the platform, ½ choosing materials and creating a dynamic set of lessons within the digital classroom)

Presented by Ph.D. Donna Lee Fields and Russell Stannard

Content: In the face of the current crisis, teachers will need ways of creating and giving lessons using online methods. This series of webinars will be a hands-on guide for teachers to set up digital classrooms with meaningful lessons and dynamic, student-centred activities.

Donna Lee Fields, Ph.D., author and teacher-trainer, will guide teachers in designing and choosing classroom materials that will most effectively take advantage of the digital and home-bound dynamic. The focus will be on designing lesson outlines that will fluidly present and develop the essential skills students would work on in a face-to-face setting, using the students’ books and materials. Sequences of activities that encourage lower-to higher order thinking skills will be encouraged.

Russell Stannard, multi award-winning Educational Technologist and teacher-trainer, will dedicate the first half of each webinar to go through the steps of how to set up digital classrooms. After the first session, teachers will have a platform from which they can begin their digital classes immediately. The two subsequent sessions will be to review efficiency in assessing and administrating the platforms, and to add tools as needed.


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