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Richmond Solution Meet & Greet / David Deubelbeiss

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David Dubelbeiss


septiembre 20, 2023


Language Immersion “Making it happen in your classroom” by David Deubelbeiss

English immersion and dual-bilingual programs are the gold standard when it comes to language education.  Instead of explicit instruction of English, students learn English implicitly by using the language as they learn traditional content and subjects.

How can a teacher best create an immersive approach in their own classroom?   What are the best practices and important things to consider, and apply in one’s own teaching – so that students are truly learning in an immersive fashion.  Not just «dipping» their toes in but truly learning «English in English» and «plunging» in.

David Deubelbeiss B.Ed, M.Ed (TESOL) is an internationally recognized English language  professor, teacher trainer, edupreneur and curriculum developer. A well-known lecturer and consultant, he’s the author and creator of many successful publications and digital platforms.  He’s taught the whole gambit of students, from Grade 4, to new immigrants, to graduate students and pre-service teachers. David has worked with schools and organizations across the globe, helping to train teachers and improve programs.

Communicative skills in the classroom are a well discussed and necessary entity when it comes to the development of our students‟ language skills.

However, as teachers, we have focused much on the speaking skill by using a great many activities which are found entertaining and useful, but tend to neglect the importance that communicative writing has.

Much has been said about technological advances and our teaching methods; nonetheless, we are still lacking of a better use of this technology.

Few of us have really taken into consideration that writing could be used to communicate and not only to transmit a message.

This paper outlines the importance of communicative writing and the use of technology to improve our students‟ writing skills.

Beyond testing Assessment as the backbone of learning
Beyond testing Assessment as the backbone of learning

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